Professional Nail Buffer and Cuticle Treatment Kit

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Kit includes:
Patented professional nail buffer imported from Israel
Professional cuticle treatment imported from Israel

Features and Benefits of the Nail Buffer:
• Recommended use promotes natural nail growth.
• It brings out the natural shine of your nails.
• Our buffers help keep nails healthy in their natural state.
• Recommended use helps stimulate blood flow to the nail beds.
• Gives your nails a beautiful shine without the use of harsh nail polishes.
• Shine usually lasts 1 to 2 weeks!
• Extremely easy to use.
• Comes with detailed instructions.
• With average use you can get about a whole year of manicures.
• Imported from Israel.
• Buffer comes with a protective clear film, please remove before use.
• Satisfaction guaranteed.

Features and Benefits of the Cuticle Treatment:
This Professional Cuticle Treatment has a combination of 4 different oils, vitamin E, and an anti-fungal. All you need is one little drop on each cuticle to keep them soft and hydrated. You will love what it does for your cuticles!

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