Felidae Grain Free Pure Elements 12/13 oz. Can Cs

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Felidae Grain Free Pure Elements Chicken/Turkey/Lamb/Fish - 12/13 oz. Can Cs.

CANIDAE® Grain Free PURE Elements® is a super-premium canned cat food featuring Chicken, Turkey and Lamb. The perfect complement to dry feeding!

All of our premium cat foods use quality ingredients, and our new CANIDAE® Grain Free PURE Elements® can formula is made with chicken, turkey, lamb, and whole foods like sweet potatoes for a simple grain free recipe your cat is sure to love.

We've formulated this grain free, protein-packed recipe for cat of all life stages. With its high quality meats, delicious flavor, and simple holistic ingredients—it's great for every cat in your family. For cats who may have developed food sensitivities, a smaller ingredient list means lowering their chance of allergic reactions. With only 7 key ingredients including fresh chicken and whole foods, this simple recipe does not contain fillers, grains, dairy, or eggs.

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