empowing yourself by harvey j coleman

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''Work hard and you'll get ahead!'' We've heard that all our lives, but has it worked? Has your hard work often gone unnoticed or have others who have not worked as hard as you moved on, leaving you behind? If so, this book is a must read. ''Empowering Yourself. The Organizational Game Revealed'' tells why your career might be slowing or has hit the ''glass ceiling.'' For the first time, the unwritten rules that define our system have been defined and written. Whether your definition of success is increased credibility in your current assignment or moving up the organizational ladder, this book will give you the knowledge to make the proper decisions to accomplish your goals.

This book will, as never before, take you into the critical area of the ''unwritten rules'' that are so important in a successful career or life. You will, after reading this book, truly know how ''the system'' works and how ''the game'' should be played.

Paperback: 216 pages
Publisher: AuthorHouse; 2nd ed.

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