SellBig is a peer to peer e-commerce marketplace focused on helping small businesses in the United States grow.

Our Story
As a young boy growing up in a poor country, you learn the most important skill of all: survival. I remember my mother putting up for sale anything she could find in the house just to be able to put food on the table. There were days when we did not have anything at all. We were not the only ones. Despite that, no matter where you looked, there was always a sense of survival and a spirit of entrepreneurship that kept everyone alive in the gruesome face of poverty.

When my family came to the United States, it seemed like no matter what, we always had a really hard time finding a job or opportunities. I always felt that it was unacceptable to be in this great country and not be able to grow and thrive financially. I believed we could do better to grow our communities and provide jobs and opportunity for one another.

I started SellBig because I believe in the idea of creating a brighter future. One where you can start a business small and grow it and contribute to your community. I believe that we can create an abundance of jobs and a world where we can all be financially independent. A future where entrepreneurship is a vital thread in the fabric of the community. I believe that small businesses deserve better. They deserve a better platform that focuses on solving their growth problems and allow them sell worldwide.

That's why we exist.

We are committed to empowering small businesses in the United States to compete domestically and in the global market.

Our vision is to passionately create an unbreakable bond between buyers and sellers, and foster an environment where sellers can sustainably grow their businesses in both domestic and global markets.

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