SellBig offers small businesses a new and better way to sell their products online and reach customers worldwide. With our platform, anyone can easily create a store and start selling immediately. Why sell with SellBig? Here's a few reasons...

Grow Your Business

SellBig allows anyone to create a store and sell almost anything online. With our platform you can access a massive audience of customers. Contrary to our competitors, we have many features that are dedicated to helping small businesses reach their growth target. Specifically, we allow small businesses to offer their products for pickup and gain substantial foot traffic to their stores when customers go pick the products instead of getting it delivered. As an individual seller, we offer the same opportunity to sell your products and become financially independent. We are proud of our mission and passionate about helping small businesses grow.

A Platform Dedicated to Fostering Growth

Another way we differentiate ourselves from our competitors is by structuring our business to be the vehicle behind small business growth in the US. At SellBig, we allow you to scale swiftly and reach global customers with our platform. We dedicated our platform only to people with a physical address in the US. This strategy limits overseas competition and allows small businesses to sell at a competitive price and sustainably grow their business.

Smooth and Easy Process

Communication is the key to forming trustworthy relationship between buyers and sellers. We know how crucial it is for your business. We make it simple to communicate with your customers and establish transparency. Most importantly, we makes the process easy and smooth.

It only takes a minute to open an account with us! Create a shop today.